Is it best time to refinance your home loan ?

As a home owner with a mortgage, chances are you’ve heard of the term ‘refinancing’. Refinancing involves reviewing your current mortgage, and potentially swapping your loan to another lender who can better meet your current needs, wants and circumstances. Refinancing […]

Bridging loan or deposit bond?

Bridging loan or deposit bond? When selling one property and purchasing another, the funds from the sale may not be available in time to use for the purchase deposit. There are typically two options in this scenario, a bridging loan […]

How to speed up home loan approval process !

Asking how long it takes to get a loan approved is like asking how long a piece of string is. Every application is unique, so the time between your first contact with your bank or broker and approval can never […]

Why should you see a Mortgage Broker ?

Who is Mortgage Broker? In short terms, a mortgage broker is a mediator between a mortgage lender and a homeowner. Mortgage broker will assess the financial condition of the borrower, find the appropriate mortgage products, collect the necessary documentation, advise […]