We are happy to provide you free review of your ideas and plan in case you have any doubt and would like someone independent to confirm if it will work for you. As an investor, we understand key requirements that lenders will look for to ensure you can continue on adding to your property portfolio. Making big financial decisions can be daunting and having someone on your side can be very helpful. We also support our clients by providing 3 free RP Data property valuations.

Pre Application

Its ideal and time saving if you prepare all of your required documents prior to an appointment with a mortgage broker. Documents like payslips, PAYG summary, identification documents, credit history / credit history, etc. Also, its ideal to get them JP Certified so that you have all the required documents ready. this will save lot of time and hassle especially if you are on a strict time to meet settlement deadlines.


One of the benefits is that your mortgage broker will take the time to discuss your needs and circumstances with you. This gives them an opportunity to determine which type of loan is more beneficial for you. This could save you thousands of dollar as well as help you to repay your loan much quicker.


Once we have an understanding of your goals and financial needs, we will discuss various available credit products. We will compare majority of available products and match them against your need. We will highlight benefits as well as setbacks of a product. We work for our clients so we do our best to ensure you are getting the best loan.


As a mortgage broker, we understand your need for having access to valuable property reports to ensure that you are offering the market price or below. We will provide up to 3 free RP Data valuation on property of your choice. Just contact us by completing available contact form in this website.